Rockford to Distribute Hushmat Internationally: HushMat Launches New Technology

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HushMat, maker of sound deadening material,  signed an exclusive international distribution deal with Rockford late last month.

It also announced a new type of mat that installs in back of a speaker to absorb back waves.

Effective now, Rockford Corp. will distribute Hushmat product overseas, excluding the U.S. and Canada.

One of biggest impediments to selling Hushmat abroad has been the cost of transporting pallets.  The product pallets will now be included in Rockford’s existing container shipments overseas for a more cost effective arrangement, said HushMat Founder Tim McCarthy.

Additionally HushMat announced new mats that can be used to improve acoustics.  The new “Wave Breaker” mats can be applied in auto, marine and truck installations.

The HushMat Wave breaker is a 1/2 inch soft foam that is pliable and non-moisture absorbing.  You apply it simply by peeling the release paper backing and sticking the Wave Breaker pad behind the speakers, where it breaks up and absorbs projected sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off the metal forward and distorting the sound coming from the front of the speaker.

HushMat says while others have offered the acoustic material, its version offers superior adhesion.

“A few other products have tried to meet this need but they have poor adhesion and would fall off the vehicles.  Adhesion is our core competency,” McCarthy said.

“We needed to address a tremendous problem in the mobile electronic industry.  The automotive, truck and marine environment is not optimal for great acoustic quality.” He continued. “The vehicles are constructed of metal, plastic and fiberglass and it is thin flexible and full of holes.  This is not a good environment for electronics.” added McCarthy.

The mats carry a retail price of $32.95 for two Wave Breaker pads in a kit.  A kit can treat two coaxial speakers or one subwoofer.

Source: HushMat 

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