FlashLogic Intros Its First BMW, Mercedes Remote Starter Modules

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FlashLogic, an Audiovox Electronics brand, announced at CES a new data bus module that allows dealers to add an aftermarket remote start system to a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, which traditionally do not accept aftermarket remote starters.

FLSTART is a module and full plug-in harness that you can install in certain Mercedes or BMW vehicles that allows the consumer to start his vehicle from the factory keyless entry transmitter.

It works with the same car key from the factory without the need to hide an extra key under the dash (as in the past).   It accommodates 2005 to 2012 Mercedes and BMW vehicles and may also be used with Audiovox’s Carlink to offer remote-start-from-a-smartphone.

Audiovox Electronics President Tom Malone noted that in the past the need to buy an additional key fob just to add a  remote start system, “stood in the way of many people’s decision to purchase remote start.”

The FLSTART will ship in January 2013.

FlashLogic is also introduce at CES 6 new standalone remote start data bus modules that can turn a factory keyless entry system into a remote start system (without having to add a new aftermarket remote starter).  Dealers may flash the data bus module via a computer to work with a specific car or truck.

One of the new remote start solutions is for Ford vehicles at $249.99.  It includes a web-programmable data module for  2006 and later Ford vehicles.   It comes with a T-harness so there are no wires to cut.  An FLRF one way or FLRF2 two-way key-chain transmitter is required to operate the system and is sold separately.  Or a Carlink remote start-from-a-smartphone system may be used.

Similar packages are available for Chrysler and GM vehicles. Shipping is expected this month. Transmitter upgrade packages are also available.

Source: Audiovox Electronics


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