Rydeen to Ship Android Car DVD/Radio

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Rydeen DV638A

After showing a prototype last year, Rydeen is now preparing to ship a true Android car DVD/radio that is essentially a tablet in a car chassis.  It relies on a smartphone only for a wireless connection.

The car AV radio allows you to download Android apps.  It runs on a version of Android 2.2 that has been modified to be suited to the automobile.

In addition to the usual Android user interface is a “bar” of icons that appear on the bottom of the screen for car radio functions like DVD and equalizer.  There’s an icon for setting up steering wheel controls and one for launching a back up camera.

The unit is a full DVD/CD double DIN receiver with a capacitive touch screen with swipe capability.

You can get Facebook, email and other features typically found on a tablet using a similar interface.

It runs on a 1GHz processor with 4GB of memory.  It also has 4 volt outputs.

Called the model DV638A, it should be available in April at $699.

Source: Rydeen

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