First iPhone 5 Video Converter for Car Due Summer

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iSimple iPhone 5 car video converter

True to its word, iSimple (Aamp of America), showed at CES a solution for bringing iPhone 5 video to a typical car radio monitor.

The solution is an HDMI-to-composite converter that can be used with Apple’s optional $49 Lightning AV adaptor so that kids in the back seat can play video from an iPhone 5 through a car video screen.  The adapter doesn’t permit control over iPhone 5 video, but the phone can serve as a remote control.

The adaptor solves a problem created when Apple released the new iPhone 5 in September, which no longer supported analog video.

As shown in the photo, an additional HDMI cable and composite video cable is also required, although iSimple may bundle an HDMI cable with the converter.

iSimple expects to ship the converter this summer at a price to be announced.

Source: iSimple

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