Next Gotta Have Auto Tech Coming in Q1

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blind spot detection

Two thirds of consumers are interested in safety features like blind spot detection when they next buy a car, according to a study by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

blind spot detectionSo car audio retailers may be glad to know that Steelmate, after a delay, said  it will launch an aftermarket blind spot detector at the end of Q1 (it was originally due this fall).

Car makers say that systems like early crash warning and blind spot detection can actually help sell cars due to consumer interest in the technology.

“This is the next generation of  ‘gotta have it’ auto technology, and when people see the systems in action, they are amazed,” said Mitch Bainwol, CEO of the Alliance of Auto Mfgs. reports Automotive News. 

Steelmate’s blind spot detector was delayed due to development of its OBD II port interface, said the company.

The product will be on view at CES next month and is still expected to sell for under $399.

The system is able to detect when the steering wheel is turned more than 5 degrees in any direction, which activates left and right cameras placed around the car.

There is a base unit with cameras that sit under the side mirrors (on either side of the car).  The driver gets an audible beep warning and sees LED lights flash when there’s a car in his blind spot.

A step up product adds a voice warning and shows distance in feet.  Then the top of the line version gives you a visual picture on an in- dash screen.

Goshers also offers a retail blind spot detector and Audiovox has said in the past it may bring one to market.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. we have sold an ultrasonic blind spot assist now for over a year that we
    bring in directly. excellent unit. painted and installed for around $600.00 parts and labor. no issues. installed over 20 units thus far.

    will this unit go off on left and right turns as well?

  2. Just More Stuff for the Aftermarket to make or come up with, so the auto makers can push us futher out of the dash.
    When are they going to learn it helps to have more then just there team comming up with new products and ideas?

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