MTX Lets Go of Reps for 2013

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MTX Road Thunder eXtreme

MTX has terminated many if not all of its manufacturer representatives for 2013, according numerous sources including reps, some of whom were notified last week.

MTX Road Thunder eXtreme
MTX Road Thunder eXtreme

The company did not confirm the termination of reps, but said that it will launch a new business strategy at CES next month in Las Vegas.

President and Founder Lloyd Ivey said, “This is a fundamental change in the way MTX delivers products to its customers that will bring back the fun, passion, and profitability to the mobile audio business.”

He added, “Mobile audio is a brutally competitive, rapidly changing industry. Despite major shifts in the mobile audio market, many in the industry are clinging to antiquated business models that make it impossible to compete…MTX Audio has designed a smarter, new way of doing business, removing costs and links out of the supply chain.”

Ivey said the new business model “should allow dealers to have less inventory on hand, lower overheads, and make more money.”

MTX Audio is part of the MiTek Electronics and Communications Group.

Source: CEoutlook, MTX Audio


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  1. I agree with Marty. No noteworthy new products from this supplier in a few years. This industry has a way of eating it’s young, and you are only as good as this year’s lineup. Just look at Alpine this year, struggling to keep any dealers signed up due to last years’ lineup. MTX better roll out some small clean amps soon, not the mid-quality stuff that makes people yawn. Good luck to them on this though, hope it works. Good people down there.

  2. natural selection. They have been a non player now for several years in the specialty retail arena. No one is creating demand for the stagnant line of products and they have been embracing e commerce for too long. Stick a fork in them

  3. some reps, some distributors and even some manufactures are becoming irrellevant in the e commerce era.


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