Cheaper iPhone Due From Apple

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Apple will deliver a lower cost iPhone in 2014, according to a leading analyst, Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray,

Apple logoApple will offer a $200 phone  unsubsidized.  Right now, you can buy an iPhone for $200 but you must remain on a contract because your wireless carrier is subsidizing that phone, whose true cost  is really $600. Under the new plan, according to Munster, the phone would technically cost $200 instead of $600.

Apparently, in order to sell phones en mass in markets like China and India, Apple will need to move away from the system of subsidized phones or it will lose share in the next wave of smartphone buyers, expected to number about 3 billion, according to a note from Munster.

Additionally, Munster predicts that an Apple TV will be launched in November of 2013.

Source: BusinessInsider 

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