Kicker Becomes Ford Genuine Parts Supplier

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Kicker (Stillwater Designs) will start supplying early next year, an upgrade car audio system for the Ford F-150 truck.

Ford F150 2013The system, including a 10 –inch woofer and 200 watt RMS amp, is especially tuned for the Ford F-150 and was jointly developed by Kicker engineers and Ford’s Custom Accessories Group.

It will be sold as a Ford Genuine Parts product at Ford dealers and Ford Genuine Parts stores.

The subwoofer comes in a custom molded-enclosure to fit under the seat without compromising leg-room.   The amp is tuned to work with the subwoofer.  The complete system also includes four 6 x 8 inch coaxial door speakers plus a 4.1 channel DSP amp rated at 184 watts RMS.   Both amps use a simple connector wire harness to connect to the existing Ford audio system.

For a simpler system, the 10-inch 200 watt powered subwoofer enclosure is offered separately.

When installed at the time of a new truck purchase, Ford Genuine Accessories are covered under the 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper new vehicle limited warranty.

“The Ford Custom Accessories team is thrilled to offer F-150 customers the KICKER Livin’ Loud experience,” said Ford Custom Accessories Truck Program Manager Ron Meredith. “The system upgrade is a completely integrated solution, far superior to the generic ‘box and subs’ that are available in the market. This is a huge win for our customers.”

Kicker also introduced a new C-series of subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers on display at the SEMA show this week.

The new C-line ships in November or January, depending on the model.

New models include:

Kicker CompS10
Kicker CompS10

CompS Single-Voice-Coil Subwoofers

–          4 sizes (8, 10, 12, 15)

–          Shipping in NOVEMBER 2012

–          Significant increase in power handling over previous KICKER Comp-Series woofers

–          Available in 2- or 4-Ohm SVC impedances

–          Quad Venting includes vertical and horizontal slots under the cone, and venting in the pole piece

–          Rip-resistant, large-diameter spider with high-strength Spiralead™ technology


CompD Dual-Voice-Coil Subwoofers

–          4 sizes (8, 10, 12, 15)

–          Available in 2- or 4-Ohm DVC impedances

–          Enables flexibility of wiring in series, parallel or stereo for proper impedance matching with any KICKER amplifier

–          Significant increase in power handling over previous KICKER Comp-Series

–          Shipping in January 2013

–          Quad Venting includes vertical and horizontal slots under the cone, and venting in the pole piece


CompS Loaded Enclosures

–          4 models (dual 12s, dual 10s, single 12, single 10 in thin-profile enclosure)

–          Factory-tuned, high-performance CompS subwoofers and enclosures

–          Shipping in January 2013

–          Tough, max-output vented design

–          Sturdy MDF boxes with rounded corners covered in plush, charcoal-gray carpeting


CX-Series Amplifiers

–          One 4-channel, one 5-channel, and three mono models (300W, 600W, 1200W)

–          Shipping in NOVEMBER 2012

–          Signature compact footprint with vertical mounting option for space-challenged installs (hardware included)

–          Features an optimized circuit layout for clearest sound quality

–          FIT™ (Fail-Safe Integration Technology) to accept output from virtually any source

–          Includes flexible 5-channel amplifier with full-range power and 300W Class-D sub channel

–          24dB/octave, high-pass subsonic filter fixed at 25Hz featured on CX.5 sub channel and mono amps

–          Remote bass capable on 5-channel and two larger mono models


CS-Series Coaxials and 3-Way

–          8 sizes (3-1/2; 4; 4×6; 5-1/4; 6-1/2; 6-3/4; 6×8; 6×9 3-way with 2-inch mid)

–          Reduced-depth baskets allow fitment into virtually any vehicle application

–          Most models feature zero tweeter protrusion for no physical interference with factory grilles

–          EVC (Extended Voice Coils) and a heavy-duty motor structure provide the foundation for signature sound

–          Eight different woofer sizes to fit most any cutout, coupled with 1/2-inch tweeters

–          Includes rugged 6×9, 3-way model with robust 2-inch midranges in addition to tweeters


CS-Series Component Speaker Systems

–          4 sizes (6-1/2; 6-3/4; 6×8; 6×9)

–          Smooth, impactful mids and tweets that unmistakably upgrade factory sound

–          Reduced-depth midrange baskets allow fitment into virtually any vehicle application

–          Phase plugs on midrange drivers help eliminate distortion for utmost clarity and accuracy

–          Clear 3/4-inch (20mm) titanium tweeters and dependable 12dB/octave, 2-way crossovers centered at 4kHz

–          Adjustable, 3-step tweeter attenuation at 0, -3, and -6dB

Source: Kicker

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  1. I was told we would be getting a new line to replace what they are selling to walmart, but I know I will be seeing these on their shelves before I can even order them.

  2. Nice job Kicker. I am an Expeditor and just signed up to sell this and other Kicker factory fit products. Now they are going to sell them direct to Ford and undercut us, why do I bother. I already found out they are doing this with a GM setup and GM dealers are selling it for less than I need to to make a decent profit.

  3. Way to go Ford… Screw the aftermarket companys and car audio dealers again. Bad enough you are in Malmart…

    I think it annoys me more that Kicker is one of the old school companys on the market that alot of people did turn to for audio back in the day. I guess so much for REAL CUSTOM SHOPS and systems.. Hell it is bad enough that most people do not fit in these new MICRO machine cars..

    Leave custom car audio to stereo shops.. Just my thoughs.

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