Viper Now Lets Siri Start Your Car

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Directed says it is now the first remote start company to let Siri remote start a car by voice command.

Viper SmartStartThe company has just updated its Viper SmartStart app so users can actually tell an iPhone to “Start my car,” and it’s done.

The new Viper 3.0.1 app allows users to launch the SmartStart app by voice and then execute one other spoken command, either “Start my car,” “Lock my car,” or “Unlock my car.”

Previously, Directed’s  Viper SmartStart system allowed these functions only by tapping the phone screen.

The app update also permits it to work with Apple’s new Maps function for GPS tracking and finding your parked car.

And it includes new in-app controls over text and email notifications.

To support the new Siri function, users must have an iPhone 4/4S running iOS 6 or an iPhone 5.

An Android version of 3.0.1 is also now available that offers a number of tweaks including more flexibility in setting text message and email alerts.

SmartStart requires an installed remote start system and a special module in order to allow your phone to remote start the car (using the SmartStart app).

Source: Directed

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