JVC: Mainly Business as Usual With iPhone 5 Audio/ iOS

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JVC Mobile said its initial testing of current radios with USB show that all audio, Bluetooth and album art functions work with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4/4S running iOS 6, as they did previously.

JVC AppLinkThe only exception is the video input from an iPhone 5—a problem with all car radios with analog video–as Apple’s new iPhone 5 scraps the analog video output and provides digital video exclusively.

JVC’s AppLink continues to work to play music from Pandora and other apps.

“We haven’t found any issue with our current line and I haven’t received any negative feedback,” said GM of Marketing Chad Vogelsong.

But iPhone 5 users will not be able to see a moving map from a MotionX GPS app as that requires a video connection. Vogelsong noted, “No supplier is going to be able to do that until more information is released about how Apple is doing video out. But those are optional features.  All the normal features right out of the box work fine.”

JVC is awaiting a complete report from Japan, which will test car radio models from earlier years for compatibility with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Source: JVC Mobile

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