PAC Intro’s All-in-1 Radio Kit to Retain OnStar

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It usually requires several car kits to retain OnStar when installing an aftermarket radio in some General Motors cars.

PAC-GM-Onstar-kit-RP5GM31.jpgSo Pacific Accessory Corp. (PAC)  developed a kit that combines all the necessary modules in one device to retain OnStar and other factory features when swapping the  radio.

The PAC RP5-GM31 combines a steering wheel control module and technology from PAC’s OS04 kit. It retains the factory Bose sound system, XM Radio, lane departure warnings, turn-by turn navigation, Bluetooth and factory-installed rear-seat video., as well as OnStar.

The kit also retains steering wheel controls (SWC functions come pre-programmed), back-up sensors and warning chimes.

The kit works with select GM vehicles (except full sized SUVs) from 2006 to 2013 using the 29-bit GM LAN databus system.  It’s compatible with both amplified and non-amplified audio systems, said PAC.

Source: PAC (AAMP of America)


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