Car Radio Makers Cite Problems with iOS6

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If you upgraded your iPhone 4/4S to the new iOS 6 you may lose Bluetooth control over your phone in many  car radios.

Apple logoAccording to Alpine and 200 complaints on the Apple user forums, certain radios from VW, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Clarion and others have Bluetooth issues.  Some will no longer work with steering wheel controls and no longer show meta data info, nor let you control your phone from the radio buttons over Bluetooth.

You can still do basic streaming over Bluetooth, the  problems occur when trying to control the music from the radio over Bluetooth.

Separately, those buying the iPhone 5 may have a different set of problems with their car radio involving a USB connection.

Alpine and Pioneer have issued statements on recent problems.

Alpine acknowledged on  Facebook that it is receiving reports of problems that “Bluetooth meta data and control is currently not functional with iOS 6.”  All Alpine single DIN  head units are affected by this but not double DIN AV, AVN (navigation) or Digital Media (CD-less) receivers.

In the case of the iPhone 5, it said certain AV, AVN and Digital Media Receivers can’t play back iPhone music over a USB connection.  But in that case, you can listen to music from Pandora or from your own music library on the phone via Bluetooth.

See the full Alpine statement at the end of this post.

Pioneer said its AppRadios are experiencing 2  glitches working with an iPhone 4/42 updated to iOS 6:

1.) Apps cannot be successfully launched from the AppRadio screen.

2.) Pinch to zoom is disabled.

It has submitted an app to the AppStore to help clear up the issue.  Its app partners are also working on updating their apps to work on the radio.

Pioneer models affected in the U.S. are the SPH-DA100, SPH-DA02, SPH-DA01, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-X940BT, AVH-P8400BH.

Some retailers said they have received complaints from customers while other said they have not.

Kenwood said it is evaluating compatibility with iOS 6.

Separate from the iOS6 issue, are headaches with new iPhone 5 dock connector. Scosche and other industry members say that the iPhone 5 does not support video and iPod out.    Many industry members believe an adapter will become available, in addition to the already announced Apple adapters, to support video.

Alpine statement:

“Alpine conducted a quick compatibility test with the iPhone 5 and found that certain AV, AVN and Digital Media Receiver products are not able to playback iPhone music over the USB connection. Everyone can, however, continue to listen to music from Pandora or access their iPhone’s music library wirelessly via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.

In addition, it has been reported that Bluetooth streaming meta data and control is currently not functional with iOS 6. At the time it seems all 1-Din (including CDE-235BT) head units are effected by this, not 2-Din AV/AVN/Digital Receivers.

Alpine’s engineering teams have begun detailed evaluation and specification confirmation and we will provide updated information as soon as investigations are finalized. Compatibility with other Alpine products is being verified and will also be confirmed later.

Currently, Alpine products verified not compatible with the iPhone 5 (no iPod/iPhone playback via USB) are:

INE-S920HD, INE-Z928HD. IVE-W535HD, iDA-X305S/X305/X100/X001

We will continue to update you regarding compatibility.”

Source: CEoutlook


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  1. I can verify that my iPhone 4, which I just upgraded to iOS6, does work with my JVC KW-NT300, including play, pause, next, back, and metadata! So my inference is that those features are still working on iOS 6, at least with my iPhone 4.

  2. And the BEST part is that the iPhone 5 owners will, in most cases, tend to attribute the cause of the problem with the head unit and not the iPhone 5 or Apple itself in changing the iOS. I suppose Apple’s response will be that this upgrade from the 4 to 5 is an “enhancement”. Did they consider what these inconveniences these changes might cause? Maybe or maybe not but their Apple and do they care? Maybe or maybe not and why is that? Because they can.

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