Drivers Want Better Car Audio Systems

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Premium car audio is in high demand, at least on the OEM side.

car audio PioneerA new study by IMS Research found that 27 percent of U.S. drivers believe a premium system is a ‘must have’ feature in the car, according to survey respondents.

And 40 percent rated sound quality as an ‘extremely important’ feature, followed by volume level, with 24 percent of respondents rating this also as extremely important.

Consumers are also willing to pay for a premium car audio system.  65 percent said they would pay between $150 and $750.

It all goes to show that people still love car audio.

The 5 brands most likely to influence consumer attitude to new car purchase are (in alphabetical order)  Bang & Olufsen, Blaupunkt, Bose, Pioneer and Sony.

Source: IMS Research  

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  1. That people want, and are willing to pay for better audio is NO surprise. What is troubling is the $150 to 750 range. But also not surprising since our industry has done nothing to establish value. We have fallen prey to “price, price, lower price”.

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