iSimple Releases New Universal iPhone/iPad Kit

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iSimple TranzIt BLU ISFM22 iSimple introduced the latest in its line of TranzIt universal car kits with the  TranzIt BLU for iPhone and iPad (ISFM22).   It uses an FM modulator and a Bluetooth receiver plus a downloadable App to provide wireless audio streaming in virtually any vehicle from an iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Because the kit does not rely on wires, it will work with a new iPhone expected to debut Wednesday, even if it sports a new dock configuration, as predicted, said iSimple.

The iSimple TranzIt BLU has a suggested retail price of $129.95.

There is also a TranzIt BLU for Android (ISFM21) that consists of a signal interrupt FM modulator that is installed in-line with the vehicle’s antenna. This modulator is paired with an A2DP Bluetooth unit to establish a stable, wireless connection and optimal sound quality. Also, the TranzIt BLU kit eliminates the “turn-on” button of earlier TranzIt BLU kits (IS77 and IS32) with the introduction of a signal-sensing bypass that activates when audio playback is detected.

Source: iSimple (Aamp of America)

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