Audiovox to Launch First Dyle Back Seat TV

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Audiovox Electronics announced it will develop the first Dyle Mobile DTV rear seat system. (Mobile DTV is a new technology that delivers live digital TV to a moving vehicle).

DyleDyle is a type of Mobile DTV system launched by a group of broadcasters that includes NBC and Fox called Mobile Content Venture (MCV)  It also offers programming from ABC, CBS and other leading networks.

Through Dyle, you can watch in your car some of the same live  programs that appear on your livingroom TV.

Audiovox will offer a black box that works with any car TV for delivery next year that will be sold through aftermarket retailers, expeditors and offered as an OEM device to car makers.

“This is really the most basic form of next step [technology] in this category.  It’s live content in the rear seat of vehicles,” said Audiovox Electronics President Tom Malone.   Audiovox had originally sold FLO TV, Qualcomm’s 20-channel pay TV system.  But Qualcomm decided to cancel the service, for reasons other than the aftermarket, Malone said.

“This is the biggest thing that’s happened to rear seat entertainment in a while.  There hasn’t been anything game changing in many, many years.  It’s been a very good, strong business, but it needs that next reason for the consumer to say, ‘Hey here’s something new that I can get daily usage out of, not just for use on a trip when the kids want to watch a movie,’” said Malone, adding that kids will be able to watch favorite TV shows, rather than reaching for that same stack of DVDs.

Audiovox will be the exclusive launch partner for Dyle, but there is no set launch date.  The service may be free, and it may not be.

Dyle said one possible scenario is that programming could be offered as a free service that you sign up through your cable or satellite provider.  Dyle is currently available for some portable devices at no charge through the end of the year. But next year’s pay system is still up in the air.

“With over 100 million cars on the road today, the automobile back seat represents a great new audience for live TV. We think this lays important groundwork for a new class of in-vehicle entertainment services,” said Salil Dalvi and Erik Moreno, co-General Managers of MCV.

Audiovox’s system will include an antenna, a black box, remote control and outputs for the screen.

It will work with all forms of Mobile DTV in addition to Dyle, including another Mobile DTV format called MyDTV from another group of broadcasters called the Mobile500 Alliance.

Dyle’s service will work 90 TV stations in 35 markets, reaching about 55 percent of the U.S. population.

Audiovox’s system will also include built-in GPS so you may see a program guide specifically for your region.  It will also connect to the Internet to upload your viewing data (anonymously, we presume) to draw potential advertisers.

As for the Mobile500 it says its not in competition but in “cooperation” with Dyle.

Source: Audiovox Electronics, a subsidiary of VOXX International

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  1. Fool us once sure, fool us twice maybe, Three times not gonna happen!

    Hows that Flo TV working out or the wonderful T7 dish from Raytheon !

    Anyone that promotes this is a fool!

    Slingbox is great, and if they go out of business I do not care!

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