Pioneer, DICE Deliver Siri Control This Month

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By the end of the month, at least two brands of aftermarket products will allow you to press a button on a car radio to launch Siri–Apple’s voice control feature.

SiriTwo of Pioneer’s 2013 radios that ship in August let you launch Siri from one of the head unit buttons so you don’t have to fiddle with the phone.  Via Bluetooth you can issue any voice commands to the radio that Siri supports.

Siri control is offered on the Pioneer DEH-X6500BT and FH-X700BT at $130 and $150 suggested prices, respectively.

Audiovox Driven by DICE said it completed a firmware update to its car device that permits one-button access to Siri.  Once you install DICE’s MediaBridge car kit, the “Scan” button on the car radio can launch Siri.  “The scan button becomes the Siri button,” said DICE’s Steve Witt.    On BMW and Volkswagen models, you can also use the steering wheel controls to launch Siri.

The $299 MediaBridge add-on car kit works with radios in BMW, VW, and Audi vehicles.  In a few weeks, the kit will also be compatible with Toyota, Honda and Nissan vehicle radios.

DICE says its kits will also be compatible with Apple’s upcoming iOS6 so you can ask Siri for turn by turn directions. If you say, “Give me directions to the airport,” it looks up the nearest airport on the web and then it will give you directions, said Witt.

Siri can also read aloud incoming texts and a driver can dictate and send text messages.

Source: CEoutlook, Audiovox


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