Chrysler Gets Sprint Car Radio

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Built-in wireless service in factory radios is continuing to catch on with Chrysler announcing Monday that it will offer Uconnect radios with Sprint wireless service in two vehicle models this fall.

SprintThe wireless capability will permit drivers to compose text messages by voice and send them as they drive.  The radios will also let passengers connect to the Internet via WiFi.  And they will feature simple one-step voice entry of navigation addresses.

The service will be available in the 2013 Ram 1500 pickup and SRT Viper this fall. With it, Chrysler joins other car makers including Audi and BMW in offering built-in wireless.

Less than a year ago, AT&T said it was already working with BMW, Ford and Nissan on wireless entertainment embedded in cars.

Chrysler’s radio is supplied by Harman.  It will let you link to your smartphone for some services or use the radio’s own modem, said The Detroit Free Press.  The system also provides remote start.

Chrysler’s Marios Zenios, head of Uconnect Systems and Services, said the new Sprint-equipped radios are “basically providing a hot spot on wheels,” reported The Detroit News.

The Sprint-powered Uconnect radios will also permit point-of-interest searches via Bing.

Pricing packages will be announced closer to launch.

Source:  ChryslerThe Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press,

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