Navigon App Adds Last Mile Navigation

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NAVIGON  just rolled out a new update for the NAVIGON Android app  making it easier to find places. Before starting a trip, you’ll now be able to easily open up Google Street View, making sure you know exactly what the surroundings of your destination look like. Once on the road, the new version of the app shows 3D elevations to provide better orientation (available as an in app purchase). When you park your car, the new Last Mile feature will save the position and provide walking directions. And last but not least – if you decide at any time to stop by a restaurant or gas station, you can now click directly on any point of interest symbol on the map to navigate there.

The NAVIGON for Android update is available free of charge (Panorama View 3D is an in app purchase) for existing customers. Here are some more details on the new functionalities:


Panorama View 3D

True 3D elevation views obtained from NASA’s height and terrain data enable intuitive orientation and show drivers what lies ahead. Available as an in app purchase for $9.99, Panorama View 3D adds an additional map layer that is downloaded onto the phone, so no data connection is required while navigating.


Last Mile Navigation

The new Last Mile feature saves the location of your car and automatically switches into pedestrian mode to provide you walking directions – all with just two clicks. Once you’re ready to return to your car, it will easily guide you back, so you don’t have to worry about remembering where you parked.  And if you decide to grab some food on your way back, you can now also click on any POI on the map to directly navigate there.


Google Street View

The new Google Street View function of the NAVIGON app provides users a street-level view of their destination before starting a route. Users can even look at a full screen 360° view to get a better understanding of their destination’s surroundings. Shortly before arriving at the destination, a button appears and users can select to see either Google Street View, parking spots nearby (Clever Parking) or activate the Last Mile pedestrian navigation.


NAVIGON for Android will be up to 25 percent off until August 12, 2012:


NAVIGON for Android North America: $39.95 instead of $49.95

NAVIGON for Android Unites States: $29.95 instead of $39.95

Panorama View 3D: $6.95 instead of $9.95

Source: Navigon blog post edited by CEoutlook

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