Best Buy Ends Ford Sync Program

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Best Buy’s cross marketing program with Ford that employed Best Buy’s Geek Squad to help Ford owners use their phones with the Ford Sync and MyFord Touch was discontinued late last year.

Best BuyThe program launched in 2009 and had been available at all Best Buy locations.  It helped drivers determine if their phone was compatible with their car’s system.

A Best Buy spokeswoman said, “The co-marketing efforts did not drive the results both parties were looking to achieve.” But she added, “Best Buy has a good relationship with Ford and we continue to explore new opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Best Buy and Ford have been working and continue to collaborate on offering electric vehicle charging stations.”

Best Buy said it was under a 3 year contract with Ford for the  Sync cross-marketing program and the contract ended late last year.

When asked if Best Buy plans on working with other car companies, the spokeswoman said, “Best Buy and Geek Squad look to engage with companies in the automotive space that help make technology work for consumers. For example, Best Buy and Mitsubishi continue to work together to facilitate and enhance electric vehicle ownership for the automotive consumer.”

Source: CEoutlook

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