New OBDII Car Device Debuts from Mavizon

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Mavizon began taking pre-orders for its OBDII car device, which won an i-stage award for new technology from the Consumer Electronics Association in 2010.

MaviaOriginally called the AutoBot, and now called the “Mavia,”  it is billed as an “auto appliance” that gives people more information about their cars.

Mavia has a built-in 3G capable modem and GPS.  It can tell you why your check engine light is on and it can locate your car and track it via an iPhone.  It gives you teen driving features such as geofencing alerts, and it analyzes your driving habits and provides tips on ways to save money.

It’s pre-sale price is $99 for the first 100 users, and then it moves to an everyday price of $169.  Service charges are $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

Originally, the product was to carry a $300 price tag with free service.

“We learned in beta testing that a lower one-time cost was more attractive to many testers. Implementing the $4.99 monthly subscription allowed us to achieve that and to keep the lights on,” said a spokesman.

After a year of national best testing, the company found what drivers wanted most was “more information about the car and a presentation of that information that makes sense,” said CEO Madison Hamman.  They wanted to know their miles driven, the efficiency of driving at different times of day and information that helped them drive “greener” and save money on gas.  For a family where several drivers share a car, “there’s peace of mind about knowing the location of the vehicle,” he said.

The device will be sold initially on line via the Mavizon web site and then through online retailers.  Then the company hopes to work with brick and mortar traditional consumer electronics retailers, it said.

Source: Mavizon 

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