Crimestopper Free Rear Camera Promo for Retailers

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Simi Valley, Calif., July 1, 2012 – Crimestopper is offering  a promotion for its retailers and distributors that will be in effect throughout the month of July. The “Declare Your Independence” promotion enables buyers to purchase select models of the company’s leading-edge SecurView replacement mirrors with embedded color monitors and receive a choice of three camera models—while supplies last—at no additional cost.

The mirror models are as follows:

Model No.       MSRP              Description
SV-9153           $199.00           Replacement Style Mirror 4.3” LCD Display
SV-9154           $249.00           Replacement Style Mirror 4.3” LCD Display
SV-9155.II        $479.00            Replacement Style Mirror 4.5” LCD Display

Buyers can mix and match to meet a minimum order quantity (3 for standard retailers, 5 for high-volume retailers and 10 for distributors) to select one of the following camera models for each mirror purchased:

Model                                 Description
SV-6818.EM                        Embedded Style Flush Mount CMOS Color Camera
SV-6826                              Ultra-Small Lip Mount CMOS Color Camera with Hinge Bracket
SV-6922.LM                        Ultra-Small Lip Mount Style CMOS Color Camera

New for 2012, the SecurView mirrors are designed to replace the factory mirror on most cars and trucks, adding the safety of a color display that, when connected to a rear-view camera, shows the area behind the vehicle when backing up. Each model has two composite (RCA-type) inputs, of which the primary automatically activates when the vehicle is put into reverse. When the screen is not in use, it is invisible behind the mirror’s surface.

The three SecurView camera models feature waterproof housings and a viewing angle of 170 degrees. All employ CMOS circuitry with 420 TV line-resolution, and can emit a normal or reversed image for flexibility. The SV-6818.EM and SV-6922.LM also feature on-screen lines to help the user visualize the distance to an obstacle.

“Retailers are dealing with several product categories that, while they may make a profit today, are presenting diminishing returns,” said Howard Miller, Crimestopper president. “Safety is one of the few categories in our industry that is seeing an upward growth curve. Our promotion challenges retailers to embrace a new category and become that much more valuable to new and existing customers.”

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