Earthquake Launches Mini Amp Line

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Earthquake is launching a line of downsized “MiNi D” amplifiers that it claims is the most efficient class D  series to date.

Earthquake MiNi D AmpsDespite their small size, MiNi D amps deliver power of up to 2500 watts.  They include the  MiNi D-1000,  MiNi D-2000 and MiNi D-2500  at 1000 watts, 2000 watts and 2500 watts, respectively.

Each  MiNi D amplifier has a built in protection fuse designed to handle from 1 – 4 Ohm loads. Additionally, the amplifier will automatically reset once the protection circuit is triggered (unless the problem persists). The soft clipping circuitry prevents the amps from producing any audible distortion when clipped by 10 percent, said Earthquake.

MiNi D amps also have a built in pre-amplifier that allows users to custom design the frequency response and shape to their requirement.

A unique feature of the line is  the “BRIDGE IN/OUT” when linking 2 amplifiers together.  Earthquake explains, “The “BRIDGE IN” receives signal from the master amplifier and should only be used when the amplifier is the slave amplifier (all functions of the slave amplifier will be adjusted by the master amplifier). The “BRIDGE OUT” sends signal to the slave amplifier and should only be used when the amplifier is the master amplifier.”

Suggested retail pricing ranges from $199 to $425.

See specs and amp sizes below:


MiNi D-1000 MiNi D-2000 MiNi D-2500
Class / Output Class “D” / Mono Class “D” / Mono Class “D” / Mono
Maximum Peak Power 1000 watts 2000 watts 2500 watts
1-Ohm RMS Power 600 watts 1200 watts 2000 watts
2-Ohm RMS Power 360 watts 1000 watts 1800 watts
4- Ohm RMS Power 180 watts 650 watts 850 watts
Dimensions (H x W x L) 1 7/8” x 6 5/16” x 7” 1 7/8” x 6 5/16” x 8 1/4” 1 7/8” x 6 5/16” x 12 13/16”

Source: Earthquake

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