Microsoft May Bring Kinect to the Car

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Microsoft said it plans to tie in Kinect—it’s full body wireless game controller—into the car.  At least it said this in a want ad for a software engineer.

Microsoft and West Coast Customs Concept Car
Microsoft and West Coast Customs' "Project Detroit" Concept Car

The ad said, “For the next generation of the Connected Car Platform, we plan to leverage the full power of the Microsoft ecosystem including Kinect, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Live, Bing, Azure, and Tellme.”

Microsoft WCC Project Detroit
Microsoft WCC Project Detroit interior

It also claimed that the Connected Car of the future, “will know its riders, and will interact with them naturally via speech, gestures, and face tracking. It will learn their habits, and offer personalized contextual information and driving assists to get them to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.”

OEM technology is moving fast…

In January Delphi showed a concept system that “watches” the eye movement of the driver and he focuses too long on the dash display, it goes blank.   The infotainment system is tied into a radar/camera system for safety.

Microsoft showed a concept car (shown above) built by West Coast Customs and Microsoft software engineers this spring called “Project Detroit” with custom made screens in the dashboard that operate like a tablet.

Source: Microsoft via SlashGear 

Photos via Dub magazine

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