Autotek Holds Facebook Contest

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 Chicago, IL–Autotek has launched an unconventional marketing program for their car audio products.

AutotekIn a Facebook contest, consumers are submitting pictures of their cars.  They don’t need to own an Autotek system.  10 winners will have their car photos featured in the company’s TREAD Loudly! marketing campaign.

“Car clubs tend to get cliqueee around specific brands of car audio… and that’s fine.. But, we like that all our customers are crazy about their music and their cars regardless of the car, the price, or the amount of work they have done,” said Director of Marketing, Chris Parvin. “We are getting submissions from all over the world and every style of enthusiast cars – even a few project cars.

The picture shown above  was submitted by  Jason Bednarik.

Autotek Facebook Campaign

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