Microsoft Adds Car Integration in Windows Phone 8

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It’s not exactly Siri, as far as we know, but a new improved voice activation function with “car integration” will appear on Microsoft Windows Phone 8 phones this fall.

Windows phone 8At a preview Wednesday, Microsoft demonstrated Windows Phone 8’s ability to alert drivers of traffic on their navigation route by voice.  It also rerouted the driver and notified the user’s friend to expect a delay, again all by voice, according to several blogs.

Microsoft showed a video of a driver who steps into a car with a navigation app running.  “The speech engine notified them of an accident and asked if they wanted to change the route. A conversation then followed with prompts and questions and the user responding naturally,” wrote SlashGear.

Live tiles on the smartphone screen will also show your estimated arrival time, said Engadget.

Navigation and map apps will be able to run in the background, said WotTheTech.

Unfortunately, only a few details were offered at a developer’s conference, where Windows Phone 8 was demonstrated for the first time.

Other features of the new OS include a digital wallet feature using near field communication.  Skype will be easier to use as it becomes part of the main phone feature.

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Source: Engadget, USA Today, SlashGear, WotTheTech

Photo via Engadget



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