Sync Radios Now Save on Insurance

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State Farm Insurance has joined with Ford to allow owners of some Sync radios to receive discounts on their insurance payments.

MyFord TouchDrivers who enroll in the program initially save about 5 percent on their auto coverage.

Since the Sync has a built-in Vehicle Health Report, it can send to the insurance companies direct odometer readings on the number of miles you’ve driven.  Under the program, every six months, your discount is re-evaluated. Those driving the national average of 1,000 miles per month will typically get a 10 percent discount.  Those driving less can save up to 40 percent.

Sync’s Vehicle Health Report is a standard, no-subscription feature that allows owners to request a diagnostic report about their vehicle’s performance and maintenance. Since it pulls the odometer reading directly from the engine computer, the mileage from the report is considered verified and can be shared with State Farm representatives, said Ford.

The discounts will be part of State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program and will launch first in Utah, followed by other states.

Source: Ford

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