Traffic Congestions in the U.S. Drops 30 Percent

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NEW YORK, May 24 /PRNewswire/ — Traffic congestion in the U.S. dropped 30 percent fueled by lackluster employment and high gas prices, according to INRIX’s 5th Annual Traffic Scorecard.

The last time there was such a signifcant drop was in 2008 when traffic congestion fell 34 percent in the worst economic recession since the great depression.

Seventy percent of America’s top 100 metropolitan areas experienced declines in traffic congestion last year.

“The recovery on Wall Street has not yet arrived on Main Street. Americans are driving less and spending less. What these results suggest is a ‘stop n’ go economy’ where a lack of employment combined with high fuel prices is keeping Americans off the roads,” said INRIX’s Jim Bak.

Despite the decline, drivers still idle in gridlock more than 40 hours a year in America’s worst traffic cities, wasting over 60 hours annually on our nation’s most traffic-clogged roads.

For more information visit  INRIX.COM/SCORECARD.

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