Another Reason for Aftermarket Blindspot Detectors

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If you subscribe to the adage that “As California goes, so goes the nation,” then you might be interested in this.  The California Senate just passed a law that permits self-driving cars on the roads as long as a licensed driver is in the car.

Google car Page, Schmit, BrinThe cars use similar radar systems, cameras and algorithms found in the driver safety products heading for the aftermarket.

And as autonomous cars gain more prevalence, it should raise awareness for these driver safety products.

As we’ve reported, Audiovox is preparing a prototype blind spot detection system and is planning to ship an aftermarket lane departure warning system in about 90 days. Steelmate is readying a blind spot detector for the aftermarket for late summer/fall. Mobileye is already selling an early crash warning aftermarket system.

The bill was passed by the California Senate unanimously.  It now heads to the State Assembly which is expected to pass it in the next few weeks.  If approved and signed by Governor Jerry Brown, it will go into effect January 2013.

Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma are looking into similar laws and Nevada has already passed such a law.

Source: MotorAuthority

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