Apple Lands Patent for Steering Wheel Control

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Apple was granted a patent Tuesday for a steering wheel remote control for a smartphone or iPod-like device.

Apple Steering wheel patentIt’s based on Apple’s old “click wheel” found on the original iPods.  But this time it gets a new touch-sensitive design and a system for mounting on the steering wheel, reports Patently Apple.

The patent is for a wireless device that works with a transmitter.

The “click wheel” is mounted on “clamping feet” (pictured below) that attach to the steering wheel, and the clamping feet can rotate depending on the orientation of where the device is mounted.  The face of the click wheel also rotates to suit the orientation on the steering wheel.

Apple Steering wheel remoteSince steering wheels come in different thicknesses, the clamping feet are hinged to accommodate them. The feet may be made of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or other materials, according to the patent.

The patent was originally filed in Q1 2011 under the names of designers from Apple.

Source: Patently Apple

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  1. The big thing in that drawing is that there is an iPhone in it with nothing on the display, and then a screen on the dash that shows the song and artwork.

    Screen exteded display?

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