Pioneer Transforms Aftermarket Navigation in Japan

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Pioneer announced delivery in Japan this July of its head up display that now adds augmented reality navigation.  A holographic image on the windshield shows the car in real time, photo realistically moving down the road, with information on the next turn.

Pioneer Cyber Navi
Pioneer Cyber Navi

The system can be mounted on 70 percent of existing cars.  The head up display projector mounts where the sun visor sits on the driver’s side.

Not for penny pinchers, the unit costs the equivalent of about $4,000.   Pioneer showed a scaled down version of the system at CES for the past 2 years, and said that it would eventually come to the U.S. market.  A spokesman in Japan said the product will not come to our shores this year, however,

The device is called “Cyber Navi.”   It can work with a front mounted camera, displaying the image from the camera while superimposing information on it.

The system gives you a 37-inch long color image with a resolution of 720 by 260 pixels. Bluetooth is used to communicate between the head up display (HUD) and the navigation system.

The HUD was developed with U.S.-based MicroVision.  It uses red, green and blue lasers for the light source and MEMS mirrors, said Nikkei Business Publications.

Also, it captures images of speed limit signs and gives the driver an audible alert.

Source: CEoutlook,  Nikkei Business Publications via Engadget

Photo via Engadget

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  1. I just love to see how “Pioneer” keeps honoring its name with inventions like this one! It seems augmented reality is not dominated by the Nintendo 3DS anymore xD

    This looks really awesome, and very useful too! But in my case, I would settle for a run-of-the-mill GPS on a Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Maps, or whatever. Let’s see if this videogame-like Navi system catches on!

    Thank you for sharing; very interesting info indeed! 😀

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