Directus Changes Name; Ships Audi Kit

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Directus, maker of the Prodigy One and other car aftermarket solutions has changed its name to Intraphex as of May 1.

IntraphexIn addition, the company announced a new navigation solution for Audi vehicles, which also has options for WiFi, Bluetooth and other features.

Thirdly, the company announced that its hardware factory, Wondetroup, in Taiwan has purchased a minority stake in Directus, now Intraphex.  This gives Intraphex immediate access to a team of 20 additional software and hardware engineers based in Asia and the U.S., it said.

“Even though the branding is changing the core company ownership and values are still in place under the new Intraphex brand name,” said the company.  All other aspects of the business remain the same and Intraphex will support all warranty issues of Directus products, it said.

The new Audi system falls under Intraphex’s Prodigy One series.  The kit lets Audi owners add navigation with a factory look and feel and touch screen operation.  It applies to A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5 and Q7 owners 2007 to present who did not purchase navigation as a factory installed option.

The system includes a glass overlay to the factory screen so users get touch screen control over navigation and a media player.  The system also adds a USB port for phone charging or flash drivers and capability for a backup camera.  Options that may be added to the Prodigy One system include Bluetooth, in-car WiFi and radar detection.   The system has a suggested retail price of $1,699 and ships on May 15.

This is the 10th Prodigy One OEM solution.  Versions of the system are also available for aftermarket brands Pioneer, Jensen and Clarion.

Intraphex, a Tatmar LLC company was founded in 2009.  It says its sales were up 185 percent last year over the prior year and are on track to climb another 100 percent this year.

Source: Intraphex

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  1. Sean
    I think you’re mistaken and if you would like to call me up I can set the story right in your mind, because you have no clue about what you’re talking about in this subject. 303-328-5216 I’m sure that won’t happen because you don’t really know the truth, sir!!!. You’v obviously heard second hand fictional information about the relationship between Wonde Proud and Intraphex. As the story is stated above truthfully and accurately, Wonde Proud(Amy made a spelling error) and Intraphex are business partners and several solutions we’ve co-developed. They’ve attended every major show with us from SEMA two years ago and we don’t hide our relationship. It is a strong one and we are one in the same now!!! So please call me me and set me straight, I’m sure I’ll not be hearing from you.

  2. Thanks for the comments and your opinions. As the story stated, nothing has changed except the brand name. Our corporate name has been and still is TATTMAR, LLC. You can check the public records. Our overseas hardware mfg, sees the potential in the USA and as the story says, they have a minority stake in the company. Prodigy One hardware is sold in multiple countries around the world and has been successfully selling in USA for two years now.

    The main product is navigation, with other feature rich products on board, and the ability to add wifi, radar detection and BT. It’s pretty much a computer attached to a touch screen as the input and display device. We add these features to LCD screens in cars, whether its OEM screens or aftermarket screens.

    I think that is simple enough to understand. Also INTRAPHEX stands for INTEgration and FLEXability with a phonic change to the word for certain reasons.

    Sales have been increasing Qtr after Qtr and I’m happy there are people concerned about our well-being!!!!

    Next up more solutions for other cars. If it has an LCD in the dash, we’ll attempt to integrate to it!!!!!

    I’m happy to discuss this openly!!!

  3. Based on their past issues it sounds like Directus went under and their main supplier changed their name rather than pay their debt! I would be surprised if they stay in business for more than a year. OH! Say good bye to the US based outfit, if history tells us anything is that the US office will be closed within the next year.

  4. No offense to Intraphex, but the original name of Directus was better.

    Although neither their brand name or their product names give a customer any idea of what their product actually is.

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