German Maestro Speaks out on “Adding Value”

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So, if you are a retailer and you’ve been in the business for more than 20 minutes you have heard
something like this from a consumer who walks into, or calls your store… “Do you have… What’s your

You respond and then the consumer says, “yes but, the guy down the street has a lower price
…” or, “Wow the Internet guy’s price is so much lower…”

Next time, don’t show frustration or resignation to this very common consumer observation. Take this
opportunity to begin to ADD VALUE to YOUR BRAND creating a perception on the part of the consumer
that YOU ARE WORTH MORE and YOU ARE WORTH BUYING FROM. Try sumadis on the consumer.
• When you were talking to their installation expert did he share their engine noise policy with you?
Here is how we address engine noise…
• Did they explain their 1500 word returns policy to you? Our returns policy is…
• Well he must have told you about calculating for the correct gage power and ground cables,
length of run, amplifier current draw, alternator, etc … We do these calculations routinely.
• The amp has input sensitivity controls. Which level did their installation expert suggest based on
the output voltage of your CD player and the loss of voltage based on audio cable quality and
cable length? Oh, sure this is important if you want to hear all of the music…
• In that particular head unit a feature in the software allows the listener to align the time it takes for
sound to arrive at the listener’s ears based on your ear’s distance from the speakers. Helps to
create a realistic sound stage. What settings were suggested by their install expert?
• I guess they offered to set the Bluetooth feature up for your phone and audio so you could use it
immediately… And regarding Bluetooth when they asked you about windshield noise created by
that dent in the window trim, where did they advise mic placement… I note that your seat is set at
the max distance back and low…
I am sure that as you review all of the tasks in installation and design you go through without giving it
much thought, you can add a thousand questions or observations. The point is, THESE are ADD VALUE
skills that your competition (Internet or the guy down the street) usually does not point out to your
consumer. Make ‘em an important factor in his buying decision and for sure, two good things happen…
1. You become the expert source for information in the consumer’s mind.
a. Ask him to tell all of his friends how knowledgeable you are and he will tell some.
2. Your expert status will make him more comfortable learning from you and will increase the
chances that he will buy, what you have authorized him to buy FROM YOU.

Educate them on the fact that you are the knowledge expert by presenting them with information that your
competition doesn’t and you will win more loyalty. Add a little German Maestro and win more profit too.

Ray Windsor


German Maestro

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