SBN “Satellite Competitions” in Ohio, California

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Daytona Beach, Florida – In conjunction with the 26th annual Spring Break Nationals, IASCA Worldwide also hosted two Territorial Key Events (3X) on the same weekend as SBN, along with an IASCA North American Championships (INAC) satellite event for SPL competitions.

“This was the first time IASCA has been able to host satellite locations for our annual Finals event” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Worldwide Operations for IASCA “Thanks to Term-Lab technology and working with Wayne Harris and Termpro, IASCA was able to make these events a reality, largely in part to competitor participation.”

The satellite events were held in Lima, Ohio and Perris, California, in conjunction with the dB Drag Finals at those locations. Both events were well attended with over 30 competitors. The California event was run by Mike Jaffe, IASCA’s Southwest Director and the Ohio location was coordinated by Denise Varmatos, one of IASCA’s Midwest Directors.

IASCA sent the message to its membership usingĀ  its FaceBook page. “We told competitors that we wanted to have these shows for them, however in order to do so, we needed their support in the form of pre-registrations” Sabourin continued to say “The competitors stepped it up and are the real reason why the shows took place. They wanted IASCA competition and together, we made it happen for them.”

Sabourin added, “Since our transition to the Term Lab system, we are reaching a greater audience and have formed a strong relationship with Termpro and dB Drag Racing. We hope that this joint venture in the satellite locations is the first step towards a more unified competition between organizations, designed for greater exposure of our industry among the public for the benefit of all industry members.”

For more information on IASCA Worldwide, visit or visit our FaceBook page.

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