Rosen Ships Unique Headrest Monitors

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Rosen is now shipping what may be the first aftermarket headrest monitor to provide a handy top slot to dock an iPhone or iPod touch.

Rosen AV7900The AV7900 headrest system lets you nest your iPhone in the headrest where it charges and is able to send video to the headrest screen and audio to the car’s sound system. The iPhone compartment also has slots for a USB drive and micro SD card.

The new headrest system is also unique in that its components—the 7-inch high definition LCD screen, the DVD player and the iPhone cuby are removable by the dealer. Inside the headrest is a “bucket” that contains the various components. The retailer can open the bucket and remove or add components, so customers get the features they want.

Suggested retail price is about $1995 installed for the monitors which also include 50 built-in games. For more details click here.

Rosen is also shipping its newest Piranha Universal double DIN radios that include Parrot Bluetooth with audio streaming and larger 6.5 inch high def LCD screens. They also have built-in steering wheel controls, iPhone control, navigation, and backup camera interface. Estimated retail price is $1,295 installed (excluding accessories).


Source: Rosen Entertainment

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