New iPad Car Radio is Video Legal

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This car radio has as a special 3-foot arm for an iPad that securely holds the iPad in place for kids in the back and provides a special layer of parental control for mom and dad in the front seat.

April Fool's photoThe “IDEA” (iPad Deck Extension Arm) radio is the latest brainchild of Skosh.  It includes a retractable brushed aluminum arm affixed to a standard double DIN car radio with a 6.2-inch touch screen.  If parents feel their kids are acting up in the back they simply retract the arm.  Snap!  It quickly, but safely retrieves the iPad from the back seat.

The radio includes a new user interface called “Aperil” that fools the eye into thinking  the images on the screen are actually larger than they are.

The IDEA radio with arm (iPad not included) by Skosh goes on sale April 1 at $1,299.

Source: Skosh 🙂 April 1, 2012


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