iPad is Now a $700 Siri Car Radio

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SoundMan Car Audio is raising the bar on its in-car iPad installs, using the newest iPad.  It abandoned the slide out mount that made the iPad a temporary fixture in the car in favor of a fixed mount that turns the iPad into a full-fledged in-dash device linked to Siri voice control.

Soundman iPad 3This is possible because new iPad software permits all music downloads from the cloud so there’s no longer a need to pull it out of the car to sync with a PC.  All updates are now performed over the cloud too, explained SoundMan’s Doug Bernards.

You can check out the installation in a Ford 150 below.

“I look at the iPad as a $700 car radio.  It will fit in any dash via a custom fit, it just depends on your level of determination,” he added.

The full Internet-connected version of the iPad is recommended because it permits the radio to offer full GPS capability while driving.

For Siri access, the iPad taps into the Ford Sync’s Bluetooth capability. Users tap on their iPhone and ask Siri to text someone via voice. Or you can dictate as you drive into the tablet’s notepad function.

SoundMan has installed about 50 iPads to date and it charges about $1,200 per install.  Customers will often send their dash to the retailer (removed by a mechanic) for the job which takes 2 to 3 weeks.

As for the new Retina Display on the newest iPad, Bernards said, “I wasn’t even thinking about it, but when you look at it its sick it’s so clear.”

What about temperature problems in the car harming the iPad? For a permanent mount, SoundMan attaches an A/C duct to the back of the iPad for cooling.  Probably a good idea as the newest iPad is running a bit hotter than earlier models.

Source:  Soundman Car Audio

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, great install, nice job on customizing the dash and re-finishing it. Also, what about being able to access the power/reset button now hidden under the dash? These things ALWAYS need a hard reset/reboot after a while….maybe make a remote switch for that too?

  2. And the legality/liability of watching unrestricted media content while driving?? Hello Netflix, Hulu and YouTube….”No officer, I wasn’t watching Ironman when I crashed into the Volvo…that was just Active Album Art! Yeah, that’s it!”

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