CEA Boosts 12 Volt Promos This Year

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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is expanding its efforts to promote car audio and electronics this year.

Car Tech WeekThe CEA’s Jack Cutts said the organization plans two awareness efforts this year to take place in the spring and fall.  The campaign will be more extensive than last year and will revolve around a satellite feed to TV and radio stations as offered last year in CEA’s first Car Tech Week.   The CEA will broadcast news on car audio—last year it showcased several products—and then local and national TV and radio stations can air the programming.

The CEA has formed a special promotions committee under the Automotive Electronics Division, which is overseeing the promotion but all CEA members may offer input on the promotion by contacting [email protected].

“This has nothing to do with the 12-volt initiative.  This is building on promotions we’ve done in the past.  It’s going to be more comprehensive, but based on our satellite media tour,”  Cutts said. No viral videos are planned.

Further details on the promotion should be determined by the end of April.

The CEA is also formulating a research study on the 12-volt industry that might be used in shaping next years’ car audio promotions.

Steve Witt of DICE Electronics and chair of the CEA’s automotive promotions committee said, “This is an invigorated action to get the 12-volt aftermarket category out in front of a very willing consumer base that needs to know what can be done in cars. Given the plan now, this will easily lead to hundreds of thousands of impression and could be bigger because we are leveraging the formidable horsepower of the CEA marketing and communications team.”

Source: CEoutlook

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