Internet Connected Cars To Pass 90M By 2016

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Four years from now, smartphone integration will become just about standard in new cars.

car radioAccording to Juniper Research, 92 million vehicles worldwide will integrate the phone into the factory radio by 2016. As new standards are created such as MirrorLink, it will help auto makers catch up with Ford in permitting the drivers’ smartphone to become his digital hub for Internet, entertainment and apps.

In the commercial market, telematics is also seeing a continued rise as fleet manager use telematics to increase efficiency and monitor driver behavior.  But insurance telematics– using technology to track driving habits and then cutting rates for good drivers—is “still in its infancy with most widespread commercial roll-outs not happening until at least 2014,” said a new Juniper report.

Source: Juniper Research

Other recent OEM car electronics research:  Global Car Infotainment to Grow 3% in 2012

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