World’s Best Sounding Coaxial

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Laguna Hills, CA  March 8, 2012–German Maestro said it’s SV6509 has been named the world’s best sounding coaxial speaker by autohifi, a German magazine.

The $699 speaker was called “a jewel at a comparatively low price…”

Since the article is in German, German Maestro offers a translation which includes the following portions of the review:

“…But its great hour came up in the listening chamber, because there it acted like ‘a duck in the water.’  The tweeter shined with breathtaking subtle tonal gradations, voices in the midrange were presented neatly and convincingly, and the bass pleased with a performance, which was firm and profound at the same time.  The world’s best “Coaxial’s” name is German Maestro SV6509!

Fact Box:

Top & Flop

+ Dreamlike sound performance

+ Convertible component-coaxial-


+ High-Quality Equipment


> Total efficiency (2 V/1 m): 85,8 dB

> Max. SPL at 90/50 Hz: 103/96 dB

> Recommended amplifier power:

40-70 watts


> Sound 38 points [of possible 50]

Technology: 35 points [of possible 50]

> Max. Bass SPL [14 of possible 20 points]

> Equipment [13 of possible 20 points]

> Workmanship [8 of  possible 10 points]

Final test evaluation:

Absolute Top-Class


Price-/performance ratio:


German Maestro is committed to delivering its products and services to market through a select network of brick & mortar installing specialty retailers who focus on providing a superior consumer experience.  Learn more at

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