Cobra Awarded CB-to-Phone Patent

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Cobra Electronics said it has been awarded a patent regarding CB Radios and connectivity to cellphones.

CobraThe patent No. 8,078,120 is notable because it can allow a CB to serve as a loudspeaker for smartphones, which typically have insufficient speakers for use in a truck.

The patent includes 101 claims for different scenarios involving CB radios and cell phones and other mobile devices. It is entitled “Citizens Band Radio With Wireless Cellular Telephone Connectivity.”

Cobra said that after 50 years, CB radios are still an important tool for truckers.  And many truckers also carry cellphones “which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for communication and application interoperability between CBs and mobile devices,” said Sally Washlow, Cobra Senior VP of Marketing and Sales.

The patent “holds the very real potential to dramatically alter the future path of the CB radio market while enhancing the safety, convenience and comfort of professional drivers,” said Ramon Sandoval Category Manager for Cobra

Specifically the patent abstract is as follows:

A wireless communication device for use in connection with a cellular telephone is disclosed and a transceiver radio such as a citizens band radio. The wireless communication device of the present invention provides enhanced audio broadcasting capabilities for an operator of the device by providing a larger, more powerful speaker than that typically found in a cellular telephone. Thus, the apparatus of the present invention improves cellular telephone usage in a noisy environment such as the cab of a tractor trailer or other vehicle. In another embodiment, the wireless communication device of the present invention is connectable to multiple external devices and is capable of operating the external devices and providing access to a cellular telephone network for such external devices.

Source: Cobra Electronics

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