MECP Exam Launches Feb. 1; New Study Guide

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MECPThe next MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) exam  car audio installers will launch February 1, 2012.  And now there’s a new study guide for those planning to take the exam.

At over 860 pages, it’s far more comprehensive than past MECP study guide editions and now includes more real world examples, images and diagrams. MECP has also updated the  Vehicle Check-in Sheet, said the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).  You can see the  online Table of Contents and purchase the guide for $55 from the CEA Store or $57 from

The CEA also reports:

The new exam covers much of the new material found in the 3rd Edition of the study guide. Starting on February 1, only the new Advanced Installation Technician exam will be available (Basic, Master and Mobile Product Specialist exams remain unchanged). If you have been studying from the “old” MECP Advanced Study Guide and wish to take the corresponding “old” exam, you must do so before February 1. To learn more about how to register for an exam, click here.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what you’ll find on the new exam, here are some quick facts:

  • Advanced exam now includes an on-screen calculator for your convenience;
  • Still 200 questions with a 3-hour time limit;
  • Many more questions come with supporting images;
  • Questions break down as follows:
    • Section 1 – Advanced Electronics and Vehicle Electrical Systems – 45 questions
    • Section 2 – Advanced Installation Knowledge & Technique – 45 questions
    • Section 3 – Advanced Mobile Audio/Video Systems – 45 questions
    • Section 4 – Advanced Security and Convenience Systems – 45 questions
    • Section 5 – Advanced In-Vehicle Information & Safety Systems – 20 questions

MECP is dedicated to growing the skills and professionalism of the 12 Volt community. The new Advanced Installation Technician Study Guide and exam are the most comprehensive information sources available for 12 Volt professionals. MECP could not produce such great-quality materials without the hard work and dedication of a number of industry volunteers and subject matter experts, each of whom is among the best-of-the-best in the industry. MECP thanks them for their hard work! Be on the lookout for another edition of On The Move in February where we’ll cover a bit more about the Subject Matter Experts who helped create these world-class training materials.

Source: CEA via Ramsey Consulting Group

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  1. Just a point of clarification: The new exam won\’t be ‘held’ on February 1st as this article states, but will ‘launch’ on February 1st.

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