Massive Intro’s Nano Bit Mini Amps, Sub Boxes

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In car audio, mini amplifiers are one of the hot items at CES this year, with many key brands showing their first entries in the category.

From Massive Audio, are three new mini “Nano Bit” amps. which use a new, faster digital chip.

An 800 wattt amp is about the size of a paperback book. It has a 10 inch long heat sink and a high level input with auto remote turn on and remote out to power other components.

It may be used in a motorcycle in other installations where space is limited.  Shipping is expected in March at a price to be announced.

Massive Audio is also now shipping upgraded loaded subwoofers for 2012

Massive Vbox 12The new “VB12” with a single woofer and the “VBD12” dual woofer models use 600 watt RMS (CEA 200 standard) subwoofers made of reinforced poly glass fiber.   They both have .5-inch, 4-layer voice coils and use rigid steel baskets.

The new 1200 watt VBD12 Series II uses twin 12-inch woofers and they have new Massive Audio “trumpet ports” that are contoured for low port noise.

The box enclosures are made from 5/8-inch MDF with a sloped back design for cars with hatch backs.   Suggested retail price ranges from $199.95 to $349.95.

Source: Massive Audio

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