Kenwood Announces 2012 Incentives, Strategy

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Kenwood claimed it achieved the #1 or #2 highest selling prices on every electronics product in car AV this year, in addition to winning top 5 market share posts in every product category for the second consecutive year.

In addition, the company announced new incentive programs at CES including a Mediterranean cruise stopping in Italy and Turkey.  And it said it will focus heavily on
marketing its high end Excelon car radio line for 2012.

Kenwood/ADS Ford Sync system with ADS' Mark Rutledge
Kenwood/ADS Ford Sync system with ADS' Mark Rutledge

Kenwood will hold a “Coming up Green” program this spring offering rebates to retailers who do a buy-in for 4 months- worth of Kenwood products.  Additionally retailers will get discounts on amps and speakers.

The company is also bringing back an “X Rewards” sales incentive where floor salesmen can accrue points towards cash prizes like an iPad.

The trip to Italy is available for retailers who write 2 six- month programs.

Also Kenwood’s Keith Lehmann said 2012 “will be the year of Excelon.”   The company is offering dealers a demo Excelon model for 99 cents if they purchase 5 units.  The offer is good per store location.

“We decided to make Excelon a focal point,” said Lehmann, claiming retailers need a brand that is protected from Internet sales, that offers higher average selling prices, and new technology.

Finally, the company provided more details on its Ford Sync compatible navigation systems.

Kenwood said it expects to expand the factory linked systems to GM and other auto makers, as well.

First announced in November, Kenwood revealed pricing for the radios that work with an ADS module to retain all Sync voice control, satellite radio and other features, but allows you to replace the radio (for those who want to upgrade to a navigation system from a standard radio).

The ADS Datalink Maestro comes with a T-harness and links directly with the Ford steering wheel controls.  It also adds more functions to the steering
wheel controls.  The Maestro module will carry a price of $150 while the Kenwood DNX radios will range from $1000 to $1400.  Shipping is expected this quarter.

Source: Kenwood

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