Back Up Cameras: Push for 2012

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Looking to the new year, we believe the best thing the car audio industry can do to boost sales is promote.    So we have a suggestion.

Back in 2008 the car audio industry met in Dallas to talk about launching a unified promotion for the industry.  A problem quickly became apparent: which product would the industry choose to highlight?

back up cameras
Credit: Quality Mobile Video

Now, 4 years later, the industry should have its answer.

Everyone I know, if given a choice, would want their car radio screen connected to a backup camera.  No one wants to twist their neck around to back out of a driveway  and certainly no one wants to hit anyone or anything.

There’s just enough consumer awareness about backup cameras that many people want one, but they don’t know it’s an aftermarket option at the car radio shop down the block.

Here’s the clincher. By 2014, according to a law that is about to be finalized, all new cars must include backup cameras. There will be a media tsunami on the topic, and 12 volters  should be ready to capitalize on the media opportunity.

KidsandCars tells us that soon details should be finalized soon on the “backup camera law” passed in 2008 called the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act.  The aftermarket should be ready to unite and promote new AV car radios with back up cameras or replacement mirrors with back up cameras.

The demographic for backup cameras would be everyone—especially moms and dads.

Some say back up cameras would benefit from improved installation technology.  There are easy to install wireless cameras but they are subject to interference or delayed images. We understand that multiplexing technology is available that would let the camera piggyback on existing wires in the car.  This would cut down install time.  If enough suppliers commit to ordering these cameras, the price for this technology would come down quickly.

But there are plenty of great aftermarket backup solutions right now.  A top brand AV radio plus camera can be found for $600 or less installed.  Rydeen makes a mirror that can double as a backup camera monitor that costs $300 including the camera (without installation) we are told.

In an industry where awareness of our products has plummeted, we should capitalize on “back up camera radios” and be ready to promote!



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  1. Astute observation. It may not be the singular spark to reignite our industry, but it can be a significant one. The issue, however, is the same as always. Our industry knows that we need to pull together to move forward. Yet every faction continues to be caught up in turf wars and political self interest. The 12 Volt Initiative was founded on the premise that a rising tide floats all ships. Good words. To date, that is all they are.

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