Car Audio Retailers Can Sell Wireless with iVi

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iVi  Wireless/InVehicle Intelligence wants to help car stereo retailers sell cellular/wireless service so they may offer customers wireless hotspots for use in the car.

iVi Wireless“Many of the new [car] products coming out will require Internet connectivity. The retailer doesn’t have to turn anyone down for any kind of cellular products,” said Wayne Bagrowski, iVi President.

iVi  is an Authorized Business Solutions Partner nationwide for all the major carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.  It offers competitive cellular rates.

Under iVi’s program, when a retailer signs up a consumer for service, he receives a commission.

The company is now in the process of hiring manufacturers’ reps.

iVi is actually an offshoot of a car stereo company that began in 1994 called EX2 Automotive Sound Systems, and later EX2 Mobile Electronics.  Bagrowski was CEO until 2000.  It sold OEM and retail products including CD players, amplifiers, and an in-car GPS system.   Later the company became iVi Wireless and began selling discounted cellular service to mid-sized businesses.

Bagrowski wants to expand into providing 12 volt retailers with the ability to sell wireless, just as many of the shops did years ago.

Bagrowski expects wireless in-dash products will only gain in popularity and says the car stereo retailer need not be left out.  “I’m thinking most of the sales will be wireless hubs or WiFi hotspots that are perfect for in-vehicle use.  You can stick it in your glove box and then kids are on the iPad and tablet.”

Citing many stories which have appeared in CEoutlook including predictions that cars will include embedded wireless in 3-4 years, Bagrowski said there will be several years where retailers will have an opportunity to sell aftermarket wireless products, as people increasingly demand wireless in the car.

“There’s a window for retailers to get in on the ground floor with vehicle connectivity,” he said.

Source: CEoutlook

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