Rockford Enters Pro Audio for the Car

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Rockford is introducing its first Punch car audio tweeters and midrange speakers designed for the Pro Audio market or for those who want clear sound at very high volumes.

Rockford PPS-8-6
Rockford PPS-8-6

The Pro Audio niche market has been steadily growing in certain geographical markets such as Florida, New York and California. Pro Audio enthusiasts will cram many drivers into a trunk or a door, looking for loud but high sound quality audio.

Six Rockford Pro models will ship starting this quarter through March.  They include two tweeters, two 6.5-inch drivers and two 8-inch drivers.

All of the speakers are offered in 4-ohm, single voice coil or 8-ohm single voice coil versions.

The midrange speakers provide 100 and 125 watt power handling.  The 6-inch PPS4-6 and 8-inch PPS4-8 carry an everyday MAP price of  $89.99 and $99.99, respectively.  The Pro tweeter, PP4-T has an everyday MAP of $99.99.

The products will be on display in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show next month at Rockford showrooms in the Palms Casino Resort.  The company has taken all the ballrooms at the hotel, amounting to 13,000 square feet of showroom.

To demonstrate the new Pro Audio products at the Palms, RTTI has custom built DJ towers using 16 eight-inch Pro speakers, 16 six-inch Pro speakers, and 12 Pro tweeters, plus 8 fifteen-inch subwoofers.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Wow, How come RF comes out with something customers WANT!!!! and people like MR. Quick has to try to kick them down, It\’s NOT my cup of tea, BUT in the end it\’s what the customer that walks in the door to SPEND MONEY wants!!!

  2. Et tu, Rockford??? Joining the ear bleeder bandwagon… ugh, it makes my stomach turn. I still laugh at the blank stares I get when I talk about “proper front stage” and putting the customer’s car on our RTA to maximize sound quality… “No, sorry sir. I can’t win you a trophy at the local sound-off with 16 bullet tweeters and 8 10-inch “voice” speakers. Oh well, I hope we can all ride this one out.

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