Ban on Bluetooth Handsfree Devices in Car Proposed by Fed

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On Tuesday, a Federal agency called for a full ban on cellphone use while driving, including a ban on the use of handsfree devices and wireless headsets.

cellphone ban proposedThe National Transportation Safety Board recommendation is the strictest to date, although it is non-binding, which means that states are not required to adopt it.  California and other states are not likely to follow the guidelines, CA. Senator Joe Simitian told the New York Times.  Simitian helped pass a law in 2006 to ban talking on a handheld phone while driving.

Reuters also said, Congress has shown no interest in banning cell phone use .

Still, this is the first time a government agency has formally called for the total ban of all cellphone use in the car while driving.

“When it comes to using electronic devices, it may seem like it’s a quick call or a quick text or a tweet, but accidents happen in the blink of an eye,” said NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman. “No emails, no texts, no calls. It’s worth a human life,” reported Reuters.

More than 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes in the United States in 2010, according to Transportation Department statistics.


Source: The New York Times, Reuters



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  1. For people that proposes to disable a cellular phone with software while it is moving has now taken the abilty for a passenger in the same car to use a cellular phone. It also disables many tracking and safty devices that use cellular services such as On Star and others. This also would prevent a consumer to use there cellular phones on other types of vehicles where they are passengers such as trains, subways and boats.

  2. With the availability of many quality integrated Bluetooth car kits and car stereos with Bluetooth technology, Legislators have a responsibility to enforce hands free laws. However; Banning Cell phones simply based on the distraction theory would be like saying that small children are no longer able to travel with adults because they are a distraction. Other cars are no longer allowed to travel in proximity to other cars because they are a distraction. Cell phones are a necessary evil in today’s society. As this technology improves and becomes better integrated into our Automobiles and Homes we will find ways to improve safety and enhance our driving experience overall. I think the more pressing issue is limiting government spending by cutting budgets to things like: National Transportation Safety Board.

  3. As an industry professional of nearly 25 years the issue of driving and using a cell phone has never been a wise combination. It is impossible to control the drivers that just can not discern what is wise and safe vs. the \"I can – so I will\" attitude.
    That being said, it makes good sense to get the temptation (phone) out of the hands of the driver by mounting it and also develop software that disables the phone while moving. This along with very stiff penalties could go along way in avoiding a repeat of another 3000 deaths.

  4. Although this ban is quit restrictive it could save lives, the issue is that there are so many other distractions that a driver faces ( Radio, GPS, other people,food, ect). None of these others distractions have been addressed by this ban. The problem I see is how does law enforcement stop the use of cellular devices. Our police department are short handed trying to control real crimes.

  5. This was inevitable. 100% voice control and truly simple user interfaces are and always have been what will blunt this.movement. Laws will come.from this finding. How we react will define our futures. Hint:They Lobbying wont do it.

  6. So are the big boys in Washington going to control eating in your vehicle, putting on makeup, shaving, changeing the radio station or best yet talking to passangers in your vehicle! There are alot more distractions while driving then cell phones and blue tooth!

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