New Aftermarket Category? Electronic In-Cabin Air Purifiers

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Luxury cars already have high tech air purifiers with HEPA filters but how about an aftermarket version for the rest of us?

Philips GoPurePhilips is offering a portable in-car air purifier called the GoPure at $249 suggested retail price.

It’s an air filtration system geared to drivers with allergies or who want to remove any unpleasant odors from the car.

The Go Pure uses technology from Philips’ Healthcare division. It circulates air through its filtration system with a dual speed fan to clean the air in the car cabin in about 10 minutes.

It plugs into the cigarette lighter and can be placed under a seat. And it shows you the current air quality via sensors and LED indicators. There’s also an indicator for when to change the HESA or HEPA filter.

Apparently aftermarket in-car air purifiers are on the upswing in overseas markets.

Source: CNET,

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