Harman: 7 of 10 Want In-Car Voice Control

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A new survey from Harman confirms what most drivers already know: we want talk-to-type emails, voice texts and many of us even want an “outlet for normal plugs.”

Harman Car Study7 out of 10 surveyed say they want voice control over phone calls, audio and navigation, and they are willing to pay for it, according to the survey of 500 people commissioned by Harman and presented on Slate.com.

80 percent said they would pay a premium for voice control. Only 30 percent believed that touch or in-dash controls were better than voice.

Also, 70 percent see voice control as making driving safer.

Commuters don’t want to be “disconnected” from their life for an hour when they get in the car. They want to “waste less time,” in the car, said Harman.

83 percent of the respondents said they want real-time traffic updates and 64 percent said they want to access Internet music-streaming sites.

1 in five surveyed currently have some form of Internet connection or voice controls in the car.

Some other findings:

  • Drivers are more worried about other drivers texting at the wheel than drunk drivers (97 percent vs. 96 percent).
  • Nearly all believe that fully automated driving is coming soon with most thinking the feat is 5 to 10 years down the road.
  • 68 percent want the car to integrate with their phone or MP3 player. A third, think a built in phone in the car would be better.

Source: Harman

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