Atrend Offers Custom Woofer Loading

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Atrend, which makes car speaker box enclosures, launched a new custom loading service.

AtrendDealers can now arrange that woofers purchased from a supplier will be sent directly to Atrend, who will configure the enclosure for those speakers plus install an amplifier to save dealers time and money, it said.

Atrend says it is the only national speaker enclosure maker to offer this service. The company was also recently ranked in the top 5,000 fastest growing businesses by INC.

“We’re always looking to find new ways to help our customers. We think this new service keeps things simple, taking out the headaches of not only finding the right speakers box, but then installing it and making sure it sounds right,” said marketing director Jason Hundal.

All Atrend speaker boxes are made in the US with ¾ inch hardwood MDF.

Source: Atrend

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